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Cleanup effort is underway in Burlington after days of flooding


Cleanup effort is underway in Burlington after days of flooding.

The National Weather Service said it should be dry on Monday. They said the Fox River at Burlington is at minor flood stage of 11.7 feet. It's expected to drop below flood stage by Tuesday. The Fox River at New Munster remains at 15.3 feet and will drop to moderate flood stage on Tuesday.

That's good news for homeowners like Jay Orndorf. He returned to his home on Main Street to assess the damage caused by the flooding and begin the task of cleaning up. He said the basement of his house sustained major damage.

"I just had about 5 feet of water in my basement. And unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to clean it out before the water really got in," he said.

Orndorf pulled everything out of his basement and laid it on his driveway to dry out. He's trying to salvage as much as possible.

"My big thing with my shelving units. They stack on each other. These will stack up on each other and make shelves. And the books, and some clothes and some of my tools and stuff."

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He said he hasn't seen flooding this bad since 2008. The water was so high this time, it went to the end of his street.

"In 2008, it was maybe up to the first house, maybe a little bit more. I mean this is just totally, totally just a disaster."

Orndorf considers himself lucky. He said his neighbors were hit pretty bad.

"Those guys, they don't have a basement. And once the power was gone and they try to get a big sub pump. Maybe three or four inch holes. They couldn't even keep up it was that bad," he said.

More rain is expected later this week. But Orndorf said he'll be ready this time.

"Yeah, as long as the power stays on."

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