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Wausau Police take precautions for carbon monoxide leaks


Police officers around the country have been impacted by a chemical leak in squad cars.

The Ford models of Interceptors and Explorers have been reported with a carbon monoxide leak, causing officers to become ill.

The City of Wausau's fleet and facility manager, Mark Hanson, states there have been no problems with the Wausau Police Department vehicles yet.

The police cars do not have a carbon monoxide detector, but Hanson says the city did purchase a portable carbon monoxide detector for inspections.

"We have been checking the cars individually," said Hanson.

He said the chemical leak can lead to officers feeling sick with nausea, headaches, and sometimes cause them to pass out.

"Even though we haven't found anything, officers should take precaution," said Hanson.

The City of Wausau typically inspects cars once a year. 

Ford said in a statement drivers of regular, non-police Ford Explorers have no reason to be concerned.

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