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Wausau RiverWolves on the brink of inaugural hockey season


The Wausau RiverWolves are inching closer to their inaugural season. The brand new NA3HL hockey team will begin camp in just a couple of weeks.

With the season scheduled to begin in mid-October, the coaching staff is looking to get the show on the road. 

RiverWolves head coach Tim Brownell was the Gillette Wild's assistant coach for the past two seasons, and he's bringing a dynamic coaching style with him to Wausau. 

"It's going to be fast, upbeat, get-going, and quick," Brownell said. "Physical when it has to be physical. Junior hockey is a different kind of animal than a lot of people have seen before. It's up to Jordan and I to fit the mold of these players and see what situations they work best in, and with that, we can help make the team successful."

Brownell and Associate Head Coach Jordan Schmidt have a 25-man roster to fill once camp starts. In order to make the cut, the players have to be competitive and bring their A-game, both on and off the ice.

"The two things I tell the kids all the time is there's only two things you can control in hockey and that's effort and attitude," Brownell said. "Pucks are going to bounce off your stick, goalies aren't going to make saves, guys aren't going to catch passes. But if they have that effort and that attitude and that compete-level every single day, they're going to get noticed by scouts and they're going to move on to the next level."

Schmidt is lucky enough to coach in his own backyard. He previously coached the Wausau West Warriors, winning back-to-back Conference Titles. Now Schmidt has the opportunity to coach some of the kids from his alma mater. 

"It's a great opportunity to have," Schmidt said. "I've always wanted to further my coaching career in the sport of hockey. Tim and the RiverWolves reached out to me when I got back into the area. We've had a little bit of talks back and forth in terms of what's expected from me, but it's a great honor to be a part of this organization."  

The RiverWolves have 47 games to play this season--23 of those will be at home in Marathon Park. If the guys want to make it to the Silver Cup Series, they need to take down a specific team. 

"Beat North Iowa," Brownell said. "North Iowa is a powerhouse in our division. They've won three Silver Cups/National Championships in the last five years. But you know what, we can't overlook them because we also play La Crosse, Rochester and the Wisconsin Whalers in our division. I think the biggest difference between our level and the next level up is our consistency level." 

The RiverWolves' home opener is set for October 13th against the Rochester Ice Hawks. 

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