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Wake Up Pet Pause: Vet visits

Dolores Glytas joined Wake Up Wisconsin to give advice on how to handle the first vet visit for your pet or a visit for an anxious pet.
She says now is a great time to take your pet in possibly for that once a year checkup. Get your pet heartworm tested, a complete checkup along with any other necessary shots or tests.
For anxious cats - keep their crate in the house and open for a while to get her used to it.
Take along your pet's favorite blanket to put on the metal exam table. This will be warmer along with having their scent on it to make pet more comfortable.
Make arrangements to go to your Vet during slow hours just to walk in and out, maybe get a treat from staff, go on the scale, then go home. This way your pet will relate the visit to a nice experience.
Ask ahead of time if the Vet would need a urine sample if so Don't let you pooch go pee right before he goes into the office.
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