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Students raise $10,000 to restore Plover 9/11 memorial


A group of Ben Franklin Junior High School students raised $10,000 to restore a 9/11 memorial in Plover.

They raised the money all in one day at the Celebrate Plover fest.

"It's a really good feeling," said student Sarah Adams. "Shows we can actually do something and change."

The students have been working with two mentors for five months to make the fundraiser happen.

"We gave them the opportunity to develop this the way they wanted and they did a very nice job, very nice job," said mentor Art Greco.

While none of the students were alive when the tragedy of 9/11 struck, restoring the memorial is important to them.

"In my perspective it's about honoring people the right way, I felt very compelled to do that," said student Remington Wisinski.

It wasn't an easy process for the students. To be a part of this group, which they volunteered their time to, they had to do an essay, submit a resume and interview for a spot.

"It's a privilege really," said student Justice Chukwuemeka. "Not every student gets to do this."

The 9/11 memorial has sat outside Plover's municipal building for six years. In that time, the concrete has started to crumble. The village will use the money to replace the concrete with granite to last longer.

For the people who work in the building, and the community, the memorial is very meaningful.

"I look out from my desk every day and remember what 9/11 is," said Plover Fire Chief Mark Deaver. "Very important for us to remember what it stands for."

Everything at the memorial signifies something that happened at 9/11. The memorial has an actual piece of the twin towers, three benches along with plaques and bricks. Each brick represents a firefighter or police officer that lost their life that day.

"Can't put into words what this means," said Plover Police Lt. Ryan Fox. "Honoring lives lost."

Village leaders said they're proud of the work the students have done.

They're hoping to have the restoration done by September 11.

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