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Grandstand stage could be replaced in Marathon Park


The Wisconsin Valley Fair wrapped up it's 149th year on Sunday. But organizers are already talking about improvements for next year.

"We're in initial talks in removing [the stage]," said Kaitlyn Bernarde, the fair administrator. "Namely it's because of safety during the fair."

The stage could be removed after being on the fairgrounds for years.    

"Where the stage is limits the size of the bottom of the grandstand," Bernarde said. "So it limits what kinds of entertainments and events we can have there."

She said that current grandstand has mold, paint chips and cracks. In the future, a stage could be rented and put in place for musical performers.

"One of the solutions would be to remove that bunker, that permanent stage," Bernarde said. "And just bring in temporary staging for our entertainment."

Bernarde said the Parks Department and Joint Parks Commission would have to discuss the change more before a final decision is reached.

Replacing the stage with a temporary one could open up more space in front of the grandstand. Bernarde said monster truck rallies, rodeos and more demo derbies could be held there.

The change could also save money, allowing the fair to attract major music groups.

"It could be cheaper to bring in the temporary staging rather than bringing in equipment to fit that permanent stage," Bernarde said.

Regardless of what the Parks Department and Joint Park Commission decide on, Bernarde said things should go on as planned next year.

"We're still having entertainment next year," Bernarde said. "Some people were saying we aren't having any. We are having entertainment next year."

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