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Wausau city leaders consider smoking ban


The Parks and Recreation committee discussed a possible smoking ban for Wausau parks.

The discussion is raising controversy from local officials. 

"The Centers for Disease Control do enforce smoke free parks," said Samantha Pinzl, public health administrator for Marathon County.

But regardless of what health officials say, other say the local government is overstepping their boundaries. 

"Trying to regulate smoking in an outdoor area on a full time basis is a bad proposal," said City Council President, Lisa Rasmussen.

Currently, each event at the 400 Block decides whether or not they want to allow smoking at their event. 

Concert on the Square is one event that does not allow smoking during the show. 

"To just restrict smoking anytime of day is going to be a very difficult uphill climb," said Rasmussen. 

Although some say things should stay the way they are - health professionals are making the community more aware of second hand smoking. 

"Research indicates that sitting one to two feet away from someone sitting outside is comparable to sitting right next to them indoors," said Pinzl. "With outdoor smoking the smoke does dissipate more quickly once the cigarette has been distinguished so it doesn't have the wall to stick to but you're definitely still breathing in all of  those chemicals.".

The committee has not drafted any ordinances and has tabled the idea until more studying has been done. 

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