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DOJ: Officers cleared of wrongdoing in March 22 shooting


All officers involved in the March 22 shooting, where authorities say Nengmy Vang killed four people including an Everest Metro detective, have been cleared of any wrongdoing, according to a report from the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

Dianne Look, Karen Barclay, Sara Quirt Sann and Detective Jason Weiland were killed during the shooting.

Vang was critically shot during a standoff on Aspen Street in Weston. He received medical treatment for more than a week before succumbing to his injuries.

Investigators say Vang got into a domestic argument on the phone with his wife about a divorce just after 12 p.m. on March 22. They say police arrived, but his wife Naly told authorities not to contact her husband. Police left and Vang arrived at the bank a short while later. He then left.

Look and Barclay then told Naly to hide. Vang was able to escape and run to a neighboring fast-food restaurant. But Nengmy Vang returned and killed Look and Barclay.

A short time later, officers were dispatched to the law office of Tlusty, Kennedy & Dirks, where Vang shot and killed Sara Quirt Sann. According to the DOJ report, Vang held an employee at gunpoint to show him where Sann's office was located. The employee said she heard Sann scream and then heard two gunshots.

Sann was representing Naly Vang in the divorce case.

The report says Vang then made his way to his apartment on Aspen Street. Officials say Detective Weiland was shot in the head as he responded to the scene, from about 100 yards away.

A standoff lasted for more than three hours, during which Vang confessed to the killings and requested the news media to enter the apartment so he could “explain his reasons for committing these murders,” according to the report.

Vang told authorities he knew the murders were wrong and said he thought he was being treated unfairly in the divorce case. “He stated he would rather take a pill to die than go to jail, but did not want to hang or shoot himself,” according to the report.

He also told authorities he was an “excellent shot.”

After refusing to exit the apartment, the Marathon County SWAT team used an armored vehicle to rip down the wall of the apartment. Vang then shot at the team, and then Marathon County Deputy Matthew Bell fired approximately 29 shots in return. Vang was hit 11 times, according to the report.

He was then arrested. Vang died on April 1.

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