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Former NFL player speaks out on anthem controversy


A former NFL player living in Central Wisconsin is speaking out about the national anthem controversy. This comes after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a memo saying everyone should stand for the national anthem.

"We do stick together," said Bernard Holsey, the head football coach at Wittenberg-Birnamwood High School.

Before Bernard Holsey became a football coach, he played for the Giants, Colts, Patriots and Redskins.

"You always want to win against each other but it's a brotherhood no matter what team you play on so we all stand together on a lot of different aspects of what goes on outside of football," Holsey said.

Holsey said when the kneeling started, he cleared everything up once and for all.

"I know they were kind of wanting to know what my view on it was, and what my take on it was, and I just told them 'this is what I feel', I said, 'I'm not saying it's right or wrong'," said Holsey.

Otherwise, he doesn't talk about NFL politics with his high school team because he wants them focused on the game.

Holsey said, "I wouldn't ever bring my political views into my coaching or anything like that."

But he was open to sharing his perspective with Newsline Nine.

"Knowing me, I would have taken a stand with them," Holsey said.

In the end, he thinks people should be worrying about more than who is or isn't standing for the anthem.

Holsey said, "it is a big deal but you also have to understand the reason why somebody is doing something. I mean they're not doing anything that's hurting anyone else physically. There's a million different things we could be focusing on, people starving, gun violence, the thing that happened in Las Vegas."

NFL owners are meeting next week to discuss the national anthem controversy. Holsey said he hopes the meeting will end in a resolution.

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