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Drone reunites missing dog with Marshfield family


Four agonizing days for a Marshfield family looking for their missing dog ends in relief - with the help of a drone. 

On Saturday, Steve Schrodi and his dog Jax were in the McMillan Marsh in Marshfield. 

"We were ironically working on recalls so having him come back after taking off 20 yards or so," said Schrodi. "And he took off after something and wouldn't come back. And so I called him and that's when it happened, that was Saturday afternoon."

With the help of friends, the Schrodis searched for more than 30 hours on foot for Jax before asking for more help. 

Soon enough, Branden Bodendorfer, a drone pilot from TriMedia stepped in.

"It was really remarkable," said Schrodi. "I mean to amount of acreage that you can cover with a drone is just far far surpasses what you can do on foot."

"We knew that searching over 6,000 acres was going to be a challenge, so we started by sectioning off the marsh into a different quadrants that we thought he might be in," said Bodendorfer. "And we used the drone to map out those areas from an aerial perspective to identify if he was or wasn't there."

After a span of three nights and four days, Jax was reunited with his family. 

"I couldn't even speak, and yeah it was just amazing," said Mollie Schrodi, Jax's owner.

The family said the vet was shocked at how well Jax is doing, despite going days without food or water. 

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