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Conservative group denied at UW Stevens Point


Turning Point USA, denied to be on UW Stevens Point campus, is a conservative group described to promote the principles of fiscal responsibility and limited government. 

A group of UWSP students presented the organization and its constitution to the school's Student Government Association last Thursday during a weekly general assembly meeting. 

An SGA spokesperson said the topic was discussed for two hours. 

"The [student senators] listened to their constituents feedback that they received from students in their colleges and they took it to the floor and voted appropriately," said UWSP SGA Communications Director, Tegan Griffith. 

And when asked for the reasoning for denying to group, Griffith said, "Well they listened to their constituents feedback and they listened to what other students had to say and that was their reasoning."

Another conservative group, College Republicans, is frustrated by the vote. 

"Just because they have a conservative message does not mean they shouldn't be heard, but same thing with a liberal message, they should be heard as well," said UWSP Junior, Amelia Heup.

Some students said they're open to all view points and don't think any one group should be silenced.

"A college campus is a free marketplace of ideas and denying a single group, whether it's democrat, republican, independent, liberal or conservative, it's denying a students right to be heard," said Heup. 

The university said the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs is reviewing the decision. 

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