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Thanksgiving evening deals draw hundred to Schofield


Before the Target doors opened in Schofield, shoppers in line said finding the deals on Thanksgiving evening has become a tradition.

"We've been coming out here for a number of years and we just wanted to be first in line," said Rick Weis of Weston.

"We came two hours early to be first in line to be one of the first," said Wausau resident Heather Barkley.

"My wife is actually from Canada and they don't do this up there, so she enjoys coming out just for the excitement of it all," said Bill Poppe, who drove from Marathon City.

Those shoppers hoped to find a variety of items, including TVs, other electronic devices, and large teddy bears. Many said the experience was surprisingly pleasant.

"I'm pretty happy," said DC Everest student Mitch Watters. "I got like an Xbox One. It was a good deal. I got some games, so I'm ready to go."

"I got what I wanted and I'm all the way from Kewaunee Wisconsin," said Mary Fager. "So I came all the way over here for Thanksgiving and we got to go shopping. Besides, what more could you want?"

Some deal-hunters said this was their only stop for the night; others plan to peruse Rib Mountain stores. In the end, most say that finding the deals is important.

"It kind of marks the holiday season," said Heather Barkley. "We love it."

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