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Family puts mean pet turkey up for sale


BARNET, VT (WCAX/CNN) – A Vermont man wants to sell his “very mean” turkey but only if the buyer doesn’t eat the bird.

Bird-lover Dan Ehlers wanted a turkey to be part of his family, and he thought he found the perfect pet online. So, he drove three hours to Massachusetts to pick up his new, feathered friend.

It didn’t take long to learn this was no terrific tom.

The bird broke out of his cage and went on the attack with his new owner behind the wheel.

"He was going after my ponytail. He took my hat off a couple times,” Dan Ehlers said. "It must have been funny for people to see a turkey attacking a person driving."

Still, he didn’t turn around but kept going until he got to his family’s house, where neither his wife, Jennifer, nor his son were impressed with the new addition.

"I had to run up the stairs with him jumping on the back of me,” Jennifer Ehlers said. "It's a workout going to work. I had to run to my car so he wouldn't get me."

The couple’s son named the turkey after the “South Park” character Kenny.

"Because Kenny always dies,” Dan Ehlers said.

The family has tried everything to cheer Kenny up, even getting him a girlfriend named Lilly, but nothing helped.

"He's a very aggressive turkey,” Dan Ehlers said.

Now, Kenny is for sale. The couple took out a notice on Craigslist advertising their “very mean” turkey.

For $50, you can own the grouchy gobbler under one condition.

"You can't eat him. He's not food,” Dan Ehlers said. "He'll never wind up on a table."

The family wants Kenny to live a long life – just somewhere else.

For more information, see the couple’s Craigslist ad.

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