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Doctors offer tips to avoid illness this flu season


Flu season is in full swing, and whether or not you're feeling under-the-weather, you likely have family members or coworkers who are.

Up to 25 percent of Americans get the flu every year.

"The general run-of-the-mill cold is a common ailment," said Kevin Townshend, a family doctor for Ascension. "And also, the flu is one of the main things we worry about."

Children and the elderly are the most prone to both contracting and spreading illness. Doctors say that is something to keep in mind when visiting family for the holidays.

"If you feel like you're too sick to go enjoy your time or if you feel like you're at risk of making some of the other loved ones ill, particularly older relatives or young children," said Townshend. "You might want to skip the festivities."

To avoid the flu, doctors recommend hydrating and maintaining good hygiene. 

Meanwhile, Townshend said getting a flu shot is the best precautionary measure, and a good way to prevent illness with little risk. He said it's not too late to get one because flu season lasts through May. 

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