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Athlete of the Week: Maddie Schires, Wausau West


Junior guard Maddie Schires, better known as MJ by her teammates, has become the face of Wausau West's girls basketball program. 

"I love to shoot the ball...It's my main thing and I think I'm pretty good at it, Schires said." 

The West standout has that innate, undeniable talent that many girls could only dream of, leading not only the Warriors, but also the Wisconsin Valley Conference in points last season. 

"I never felt pressure, where I had to tell my teammates what to do or anything," Shires said. "So I led on the court as an example, I guess. It just comes naturally." 

 As just a freshman, Schires was a second team all-conference selection and to no surprise, No. 23 made first team the next year. 

"I'm very competitive. My brother is six years older than me and he used to beat me at everything," Shires said. "I hate to lose, so I think he influenced me to go out and compete." 

That competitive nature is fueling her this season. Schires is determined to get West as far as possible this time around. 

"She works very very hard at her game and I say this as a compliment, she's a gym rat," head coach Tom Weinkauf said. "My son who's my assistant stays here and she won't go because she just wants to shoot and shoot and shoot and work on her game." 

Schires believes her work ethic that is getting the job done, and even though she still has one more year to break some records at Wausau West, she has already committed to play ball at Youngstown State. 

"I get to play in college and Taylor Petit, of D.C. Everest, is going there," Schires said. "We've been playing together since second grade, so that factored in. But I also love the program, I love the coaches, I love the style that they do. It just felt natural, so really excited."

The Warriors are off to a solid 3-1 start so far. 

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