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Amherst farmer considers hemp harvesting


Wisconsin farmers now have the chance to add hemp to their list of crops. Last week Gov. Scott Walker signed a hemp farming bill into law, legalizing it in the Badger state. 

"We see this as a chance to help our farmers and bring back a crop that once thrived in the state and hopefully we can be a national leader again moving into the future," said Senator Patrick Testin. 

Testin believes the crop will add many benefits to Wisconsin's agriculture community as well as providing many services. 

"From the textile industry, from traditionally making rope but also now that it's being used in composite plastics, building materials, insulation for homes, graphing for batteries. And then even the health benefits too -  a lot of our grocery stores you can go in today and find hemp seeds in things like granola bars and other edibles," said Testin.  

An Amherst farmer and advocate for hemp harvesting said while he needs more space before considering a hemp farm, he may consider renting property to do so. 

"I could see myself using it as a cover crop because it's great for adding biomass for your land but I just don't have enough land to grow a commodity at scale where it would make financial sense," said Timmy Enright, of Amherst.  "My father in law's seeder currently has a hemp sitting on it cause it's an older one so if I rented land from him this is something that I could possibly get into." 

Wisconsin now joins 34 other states in hemp harvesting.

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