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Area auto shop closing after 80 years, blames road project


McDill Auto Wrecking in Whiting is closing down its shop after 80 years. The family business said they have no other choice because of an upcoming road project.

"They left us no choice, they have driven us out of business," said co-owner Kurt Glenzer. "I thought this was something that could be settled amicably."

Construction on Post Rd. in Whiting is scheduled to take place in 2018. The auto shop sits on the corner of Post Rd. and McDill Avenue with a small parking lot and driveway entrance in and out of their business.

In the project, that driveway/parking lot would be used to widen the road. According to McDill Auto Wrecking owners, the state claims they own that area. While the state won't be purchasing and tearing down the shop, owners said without that driveway they can't get in and out of the business.

"We won't be able to get into the front of the building, we won't be able to get traffic in and out of the building," said Glenzer. "There won't be enough room to get semis in and out, customers in and out."

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation said they've been in negotiations with McDill Auto Wrecking over portions of their property, however they would not buy the shop.

"We've been working with owners of McDill Auto for several years on impact to their property, we're currently in the final stage of negotiations with them," said DOT project development chief Matt Bronson.

Glenzer said they have three employees who will also lose their jobs when they close. They currently have a lawsuit against the state on ownership for the driveway.

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