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ELF ON THE SHELF: What is your elf up to?


Josh Holland has only been gone one day, and Waffles is already trying to take his spot.

He sat on the anchor desk Friday morning, talking to Santa.

Waffles reported that the Newsline 9 crew has been good this year and therefore should be on the nice list.


Waffles the Wake Up elf tried to steal the Thursday morning show!

He spent the morning hanging on a camera.

Waffles didn't quite understand that HD cameras aren't the most flattering, so standing so close isn't a good idea.

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Waffles the Wake Up elf loves playing with Christmas lights so much, he took control of the weather 9 Wednesday morning.

Here in central Wisconsin, everyone knows the red, green, and white flashing sign lets you know what type of weather is ahead.

But, Waffles says the colors just get him in the holiday spirit.

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On Tuesday morning the Newsline 9 makeup room had an extra guest.

Waffles the Wake Up elf spent the morning primping in the mirror.

He says, he'll be reporting back to Santa later in the day and is going for a sleek and professional look.

Christmas is just around the corner, so we know your elves have been busy! Send us pictures of what they've been up to!


Waffles the Wake Up elf got into a sticky situation, Monday.

He left a note to the Newsline 9 newsroom saying he was trying to fix a chair, but got caught up in some tape!

Josh Holland was able to free him so he could continue his newsroom duties Tuesday.


Waffles the Wake Up elf made sure Josh Holland was well behaved during the show Friday morning.

He was hanging out in the poinsettias behind the anchor desk.

Waffles says Josh is on the nice list, but he hasn't given his final report to Santa yet!


Watch out, Justin Loew!

It looks like Waffles the Wake Up Elf is trying his hand at being a meteorologist.

He was taking a look at the forecasting models Thursday morning, and says our weather in central Wisconsin is a heat wave compared to the North Pole.

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The Newsline 9 Christmas tree was topped with a special star Wednesday morning, Waffles the Wake Up elf!

He spent the morning inspecting the tree and all of its decorations.

Luckily for our crew, he said our tree is Santa approved.

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After going missing during Wake Up on Monday, Waffles was told to be in the Newsline 9 Control Center during the show. That way, our producer, ShirJia Bielefeld, could keep an eye on him.

She said he was well behaved during the newscast.

Tune in to Wake Up every morning to see where Waffles will end up!

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Waffles the Wake Up elf deserved to be on the naughty list Monday morning!

Instead of keeping an eye on the Newsline 9 crew in studio, he was making a mess on Rebecca Ribley's desk!

He says his mischievous behavior was caused by his excitement over the Packers win!

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We're hoping Waffles, our Wake Up elf, brings some magic to the Packers this weekend!

He was hanging out in the Newsline 9 sports office Friday morning.

It was nice to see that Waffles brought his cheesehead all of the way from The North Pole! 

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The Newsline 9 elf has a name! Waffles popped up on the interview set today during Wake Up Wisconsin.

He didn't have a lot to say. Instead, he carefully observed our crew, making sure we're all behaving well.

A few of Waffles' fellow elves have been having some fun of their own. Check out the slideshow to see what other Central Wisconsin elves are up to.

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Our Newsline 9 elf popped up behind the anchor desk Wednesday morning. He'll be keeping an eye on our crew here until Christmas.

We want to see pictures of where your elf ends up! We'll be featuring the most creative pictures/stories during Wake Up.

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