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Preparing your child for their first cell phone


As children turn in their Christmas wish list one common item could be buying them their first cell phone.

A recent study conducted by U.S. Cellular shows the average age a child receives a phone is 11-years-old. Just three years ago it was 13-years-old.

Cellphone experts say over half of the people who took the survey said their main concern is keeping their child safe.

"The big hesitation is always the safety concern about having that much media at the palms of your hand at any given second," said U.S Cellular manager John Anguiano. "It's a very important decision a family has to make."

He said parents should always ask their phone providers about monitoring applications they have to keep track of their child's phone usage.

"There's a lot of applications out there that parents use to help track," Anguiano said, "you can customize them based on the boundaries you want to set for them."

Professionals recommend parents to talk with their child about the dangers of social media and set limitations on the phone. They said something as simple as taking the phone away at night will keep them from browsing throughout the night.

"Children are starting to use applications at a younger and younger age so really teaching them the safety and best practices will help," Anguiano said.

He said the best way to know if your child is ready for a cellphone is to not judge based on their age, but how mature he or she is.

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