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Speaker Ryan challenger to columnist: 'eat a bullet'


One of House Speaker Paul Ryan's challengers on Wednesday night told a New York Post columnist to "eat a bullet" during a discussion about a House bill that eases travel across state lines for concealed carry permit holders.

Nehlen's tweet of marked ballot creates 'complicated' matter, election commission says

"Do us all a favor, Podhoretz. Eat a bullet," Paul Nehlen said in a 10:22 p.m. tweet to New York Post columnist John Podhoretz.

Nehlen's tweet was in response to Podhoretz saying that Nehlen should "eat something. Your brain needs nourishment. It's the size of a pea."

Maybe you should eat something. Your brain needs nourishment. It's the size of a pea. https://twitter.com/pnehlen/status/938618636813635584 …

The back-and-forth came after a video Nehlen posted on Tuesday morning. In that video, Nehlen said he supported House bill 38 -- the Concealed Carry Reciprocity bill -- but said it shouldn't be tied to another bill, HR 4477, which would expand the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. 

"These two bills should be kept absolutely separate," Nehlsen says in the social media video. "HR 4477 is poison that they are putting in this chocolate milkshake of HR 38," Nehlen said.

Nehlen takes issue with the 60-day waiting period that HR 4477 would implement, arguing that some people could be inadvertently put on the list and forced to wait to obtain a firearm, potentially putting them in danger. 

Nehlen lost his 2016 challenge of Ryan. He caused a bit of controversy on election day when he tweeted a photo of his marked ballot.

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