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Fake news article claims pot is legal in Wisconsin


A fake story claimed pot is legal in Wisconsin has made its rounds on social media. 

While many have seen the post and shared it on various social media sites we want to make it clear this is a false story and this bill has not passed the legislature. 

A state representative who is for legalizing pot was quoted in the article and says it's frustrating because she is having to disprove myths rather than focusing on doing her job. 

"[It is] very clear that there's a lot of people that are really excited about the opportunity to legalize marijuana in the state of Wisconsin and they were wondering what the next steps where and there were many difficult conversations as I explained to folks that it was in fact fake," said Democratic State Representative Melissa Sargent of the 48th District. 

Representative Sargent said lawmakers like herself do their best to clarify real from fake on their social media sites.

"I'm having to dis-spell myths and address false in the community as opposed to actually be able to be proactive in the work that I'm doing," said Rep. Sargent. 

She also said you should have several sources before jumping to conclusions about a controversial story. 

The fake story was written by David Foster.  We reached out to ABC and they confirmed they do not have any employees by the name of David Foster. 

The false story appears on a website designed to look like a legitimate website run by ABC News. The fake news site features the ABC News logo that belongs to the ABC television network. As is often the case with fake news websites, the lengthy website address is a giveaway that this is a fake. abcnews-us.com is in no way connected to ABC news or our network. A search of online records indicates the URL is owned by James Mills in Dublin Ireland, United Kingdom.

The fake site is down as of Friday morning.

You can go to the real ABC news website by using http://www.abcnews.com  or http://abcnews.go.com/

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