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Frigid weather is to blame for dying batteries


Frigid temperatures are the reason behind batteries having shorter life spans, both in phones and cars. 

"The chemicals in a battery don't work as well in cold weather, just like the battery in your car when it gets cold they don't have as much energy to give," said Brian Jojade, CEO of Happy Mac. 

A local auto service shop said they have been selling more batteries since the cold weather has struck Central Wisconsin. 

"Life expectancy is two to five years, with the temperature changes that we have it can shorten the life of a battery," said John Griesbach, of Griesbach Auto Services. 

Experts said the best way to keep your cell phone from dying is by keeping it close to your body so it can absorb body heat.    

"It's not hurting the battery to get cold unless it gets completely discharged," said Jojade.  "I usually recommend keeping your battery charged, keep it warm and have a charger with you if it's going to be cold."

Griesbach Auto Services owner offered several tips on how to extend your car battery life as long as possible. 

"Maintain the battery, cleaning the battery, cleaning the terminals that go onto the battery, yearly, every other year at least, it keeps the battery nice and clean so that it doesn't reduce the voltage going into the battery," said Griesbach. "It is an electrically component so it may test out good in the fall but three months into the winter you may have a problem."

The life expectancy for car batteries in Central Wisconsin is about three years. 

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