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Wausau auto body shop backed up from winter crashes


Cold weather is to blame for a back up at Fred Mueller Auto Body shop in Wausau. 

The shop is backed up nearly three times more compared to the schedule in the summer. 

"This actually is the busiest time of year for me right now," said Fred Mueller Body Shop Manager, Steve Rainville. "Most of the guys are working a little bit extra hours to catch up."

Rainville said they are doing all they can to keep up.  He admits deer are also adding to the back up.

"Also in cold weather deer tend to move more often, mostly in the morning and evenings, that's another time to look out for deer. We still have deer hit even though we had our hunting season, there's still deer out there on the road and we get quite a few this time of year also," said Rainville. 

Mechanics are working as quick as possible but also want to make sure they're working efficiently. 

Rainville said waiting for parts this time of year is another contributing factor to getting cars back to their owners. 

"A lot of times it's front and rear bumper covers. Bumpers are made to bump and we change a lot of bumper covers," said Rainville. 

In addition to the high number of collision repairs, Rainville said with car washes closing due to low temperatures, you need to try and wash your car once or twice a week to keep salt off your car. 

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