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Gas prices predicted to rise in 2018


According to, drivers may have to spend more money at the pump in the near future.
Analysts say prices in 2018 could be the highest in four years.
The Great Lakes region is susceptible to severe price spikes. 
That's due to refinery failures when it switches from winter to summer blends.
Some drivers told Newsline 9 it's something they'll deal with, but they don't like it.

"I do remember the days of four dollar gas," said Wausau resident Werner Gorshe. "Ok, so let's just keep it where it is and we'll suffer through it. You know, I mean, all other fuel costs are going up right now, especially when we're getting hit with this weather that we have."

The average price per gallon this year is expected to be around $2.57.

That means the average household will spend close to $2,000 throughout the year.

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