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DA: Mosinee teen had pistol, rifle in his pickup truck parked at school


WAUSAU (WAOW) - A 17-year-old Mosinee High School student had a rifle and a pistol plus several knives in his pickup truck parked at school when he went to classes Wednesday, according to a criminal complaint filed Thursday.

Logan Kasat was charged with one felony - possession of a firearm on grounds of a school - and four misdemeanors after a female classmate told an investigator she was "scared" to go to class with him and knew he kept a pistol in the truck because she saw him fire several shots from it into some woods and worried someone could have gotten hurt, the complaint said.

A judge ordered Kasat jailed on a $500 signature bond, according to online Marathon County court records. No date was immediately set for a preliminary hearing.

The complaint said the girl told investigators Kasat brought the pistol to school daily, saying he told her he never takes it out of his truck, hiding it under the passenger seat.

"She stated she didn't think he would hurt her or anyone else with it. But she was worried that if someone would make him mad, he might pull it on them to scare them," the complaint said.

After being pulled from classes Wednesday, Kasat told a Mosinee policeman the pistol belonged to his grandfather, who died years ago, the complaint said. And the teen said he forgot about the .22-caliber rifle found hidden under some clothes after using it for hunting.

Asked whether he had any intent to harm anyone at school that day, Kasat said, "No I would never do that," the complaint said, indicating Kasat had been questioned earlier in the day by the Marathon County Sheriff's Department about the shooting incident with the classmate in the woods.


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