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'I have cried buckets': families hurt, angry during fatal crash sentencing


A Greenleaf man who caused a crash that killed two people has been sentenced to five years in prison and seven years on extended supervision.

Devon Robley, 19, listened to stories of sadness, anger, and hurt as relatives of the victims testified during a sentencing hearing on two counts of Homicide by Negligent Operation of a Vehicle and one count of Operating with a Restricted Controlled Substance.

"I do not feel sorry for myself. I deserve to live with these things, and I know that my pain is no where near the pain of Simon and Laurie's family," Robley said during the hearing. "Please know that I am very sorry for the heartbreak that I've caused. I will never, ever stop feeling sorry."

Investigators say Robley admitted to smoking marijuana at Fonferek's Glen on July 11, 2016, before getting behind the wheel of his truck. Court documents show Robley drove through a stop sign at County Highway X and Glenmore Road and his vehicle T-boned an SUV.

The crash instantly killed the SUV's passenger, Laurie Shaha. Shaha's mother was seriously hurt.

"You are a monster. I fully believe that you will kill again. You have no regard for the law, and no regard for human life," Shaha's sister, Valerie, testified in court.

Valeria Shaha said she would never forgive Robley.

"The worst part of this all is if you Google my sister's name, your picture pops up! That's not how I want her to be remembered," Shaha says. "But that's what you made it into. I have never hated anyone so much in my life, and don't even attempt to apologize to my family or say you're sorry or ask for forgiveness because it will not be given to you because you didn't give a second chance or a thought to my sister, or even my mom."

Robley's passenger, 16-year-old Simon Hill, was ejected from the truck and died at the scene.

Hill's mother teared up while talking about the loss of her son. "Why didn't you value Simon's life? I often wonder, if you had, none of us would be here today," said Mary Ellen Pieper.

Pieper continued, "You will never comprehend what you took from me that day. My heart is forever broken. I have cried buckets of tears and will continue to cry until we are together again in heaven."

Simon Hill's sister told the court that she's lost in life because she can no longer protect her little brother.

"After Simon died, I became so lost in life. I got so sick that I honestly thought I was going to die," said Madeline Hill. "I lost so much weight I couldn't function. I couldn't go to work. I ended up dropping out of school and I became this anxiety-filled person, constantly fearing the world around me because I couldn't protect my little brother."

Shaha's mother, who survived the crash, told the court her life will never be the same without her daughter. She told Robley he should be put away for a long time.

"I don't know how you can do that for somebody and then sit there. You are as guilty the day of the accident as you are sitting there today," said Linda Brittnacher.

Robley did have defenders in court. His father's girlfriend testified that Robley is a "sweet kid" who is a hard worker.

"We do not feel Devon should be portrayed as a ruthless, careless teenager. It's just simply not true," says Andrea Custas. "Devon is a unique young man who sees the good in everybody, even when he probably shouldn't."

Robley's aunt, Wendy Schafer, told the victims families, "We are very very sorry for your tremendous losses and should know that Devon is too. We see it in his eyes every day."

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