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Wausau car washes packed as temperatures rise


With temperatures reaching the twenties, Wausau car washes saw lines stretching all the way out to the road.

When it gets to be too cold, car washes have to close to avoid issues such as car doors freezing shut after a wash. 

"We're very very excited that we're actually above 20," Riverview Wash Haus Owner Lisa Pieczynski said.  "We're technically a 24/7 facility, we do say with extreme weather conditions we will close.

On Sunday, several drivers brought their cars through the Riverview Wash to get the salt and snow off their vehicles.

"Christmas Eve we were busy and then that's when the Polar Vortex came so we actually closed the whole facility down Christmas Eve, we were closed for a number of days," Pieczynski said. 

Whether people chose to wash their cars themselves or use the automatic car wash, they would have to wait their turn. Owners said people arrived as early as 8:00 a.m. to see if the place was open.  

The shop's owners encourage people to get their cars washed to avoid problems down the road.

"It's so important to wash your car on a weekly basis, and you know a lot of people don't," Pieczynski said. "They wait two weeks, a month and then they might not be happy with how clean their car gets but it really is because they have to do some type of scrubbing in order to scrub it off." 

With the temperatures not expected to decline for a couple days, you still have time before washes may have to close down again.

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