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4 tips on how to lose weight in the New Year


The holiday season is officially over and people are trying to kickstart the new year with a healthier life style.

Dr. Justin Scharer from Wausau Weight Loss shared tips Tuesday morning on Wake Up Wisconsin to make your New Year's resolution stick.

Scharer said the first step someone should take is to create a plan for themselves. He said he recommends setting up a doctor supervised program.

"We want to make sure it's healthy, safe, and effective," Scharer said. "Losing the weight is one thing, regaining the health is another."

Healthy food such as lean meat, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats will also help you lost weight, according to Scharer.

"It's really about what you put in your mouth," he said. 

Scharer said when looking for a new diet plan it's important to do research on it.

"Go with a program that has been shown and tested to be safe and one that you will be able to maintain for a long time," he said.

Along with eating healthy, Scharer said exercise can be done to help you lose weight but you should always start by changing your diet.

"It won't be effective if you just work out but don't eat healthy," he said.

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