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UPDATE: Spinning tires cause car fire on Lake Wausau


Spinning tires are to blame for a car fire on Lake Wausau, according to fire officials Tuesday night. They said some people were in a car on the lake when it got stuck. When the people tried to get out of the rut, the spinning tires started on fire.

Fire officials said it was too far away from land and they couldn't drive out to it, therefore they resorted to shoveling snow onto the car. Once the gas caught fire they said they had to just wait it out.

Several loud bangs could be heard. Officials said they were the sounds of the vehicle's tires popping.

No one was injured.


Fire crews are battling a car fire on the Wisconsin River near Bluebird Ln. The fire is hundreds of feet off land out on the ice.

A Newsline 9 photographer on scene said he could see the blaze from land.

Several firefighters could be seen with fire extinguishers and shoveling snow to put out the flames.

This is a developing story.

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