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Wausau woman lands on list of potential girlfriends for Aaron Rodgers


Nichole Guenthner, a die-hard Packers fan and Wausau native, came in at number five for potential girlfriends for the Packers quarterback.

 A station in Milwaukee (TMJ4)  did a story of women who could potentially be dating Rodgers.  Some of the women were athletes and actresses but number five was 'You.'  

'You' as in all the Green Bay Packer fans across the state of Wisconsin. The picture used to display a diehard Packers fan was of Guenthner at a game. 

"My boyfriend called me, he was at bowling and I thought well that's odd that he's calling at this time and he tells me get out your laptop and Google women that Aaron Rodgers could date," Guenthner said. "I won't lie, I just about died, I freaked out when I saw my picture."

While the Wausau native shared her loved for the quarterback, she said she wouldn't leave her boyfriend for Rodgers.

"He thinks it's hilarious because ya know there's always been a joke with us that I'm going to leave him for Aaron," Guenthner said. "I wouldn't mind hanging out with him, talking football, things like that but no, I'm happy with the guy that I have.

Guenthner said she has another connection to the quarterback, the same day he broke his collar bone -- she broke her foot. 

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