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Marathon Co. mobile home park goes weeks without water


Tenants at a mobile home park in the town of Knowlton spoke out mid-January after spending several weeks with little to no running water during a bitter cold snap.

"It's been a struggle. I've done it but I have three kids," said tenant Tanya Frederick. "It went away a little bit and then we had it for two days and it's been gone ever since, and that's well before Christmas."

Roughly three dozen of the homes at the Maizefield Mobile Home Park are occupied. The owners, who are out of Milwaukee, said nearly all of them have their water back, but they still had to spend weeks without it.

"It's irritating, it just seems like they don't care," said Frederick. "Really frustrating, especially when you have three kids."

Some tenants had no running water while others had very low pressure. Either way every day tasks like showering and doing laundry became impossible. Tenants said what water they did have dripping from the faucet wasn't safe to drink at the time and they were unable to wash dishes. One tenant even decided to move because of the issue.

"We go to a friends house to take a shower, I have to go to the laundromat to do my laundry," said Frederick. "It's not been easy, which is why I'm now moving."

Tenants like Frederick and Jessica Kiefer also had a sewage back up into their tubs, which the owners said was from the pipes freezing.

"It's unsanitary, it's absolutely unhealthy for anyone to live in," said Frederick.

"It's rough with two small kids having to heat water and haul water from town," said Kiefer. "It's been tough."

It's not just about the water, tenants said they didn't feel like anything was being done. They said they were still charged for water on their bill and haven't been compensated for expenses like laundry and jugs for water.

"Sometimes it's just the little things, if you would even call and say hey is there anything else we can do to accommodate you," said Frederick.

Tenants are allowed to go shower at the Mosinee High School while the problem is resolved. Bottled water and water for the back of the toilets were also available in a shed on the property for tenants.

The owners of Maizefield tell Newsline 9 that they aren't sure if they are going to compensate tenants in any way, saying that it's too early to tell. When questioned on why the problem has taken so long to be fixed, they said they were dealing with two feet of frost in the ground making it difficult to find the problem.

Tenants said they just hope the water comes back, and stays back on.

"It puts you in a tough situation," said Kiefer.

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