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Parents accuse Lincoln County bus driver of making threats to children


A school bus driver in Merrill is taking heat after being accused of threatening elementary aged children.

A number of students claimed the driver said he's going to bring a bomb on the bus and blow it up.

Melissa Waine, a mother of one of the students said she heard the news after picking up her children from the school.

"Children tend to exaggerate stories so I didn't look too much further into it until my son came to me and said mom it's true," Waine said.

She said after posting about the situation on Facebook more parents were telling her their kids said the same thing. 

The driver works for Peterson Bussing Company and told the owner that it was taken out of context. He claims him and the children were discussing video games.

Elizabeth Giese, also a mother of a student, said her son heard the driver make the threat.

"My heart kind of sank," Giese said.

The driver is still working for the company, but was put on another route.

Both Giese and Waine are not pleased with the results and wish to see a harsher punishment.

Newsline 9 contacted the superintendent of Merrill School District, but he was unavailable for an interview.

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