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Marshfield homeowners recount car crashing into home


A scary situation for a Marshfield homeowner when a truck smashes into their home.

"It was 1 o'clock in the morning, we had this horrendous bang at our house, quite a rude awakening," said homeowner Jane Cooper. "I thought our furnace had exploded that's what I yelled to my husband. He went to look and yelled 'call 911 a car crashed into our house.'"

Friday afternoon, a tarp could be seen covering parts of the home with bricks and siding littering the ground. The crash did substantial damage to the foundation of the home.

"When I got into the basement and saw the mess that's when my stomach churned," said Cooper. "He just missed our gas line so that was the really scary part."

A 33-year-old man was arrested for drunken driving in the crash. The Coopers aren't alone, Jan. 1 a car crashed into another home in Marshfield about one mile away. A drunken driver also responsible for that crash.

"I was told by the homeowners it was the eighth time they've been hit since they've lived there," said Marshfield Police Chief Rick Gramza. "More times than not it's been somebody who's been intoxicated."

All of the homeowners were OK, but the crash still took a toll on the Coopers.

"Emotional, nerve wrecking," said Jane. "It's scary."

The Coopers don't have an estimate yet on the cost of the damages.

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