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Marathon Co. uniform addressing to cost $1.2 million


Uniform addressing in Marathon County is expected to cost $1.2 million and will change 20,000 addresses. 

The county board voted to bring this project to Central Wisconsin back in 2016. 

"It's all about improving public safety," Craig McEwen, of the Marathon Co. Public Safety Committee, said. "For example, there's 27 Pine roads in Marathon County so if [emergency officials] don't know which Pine road they're at, it could delay dispatch as far as getting to the right place at the right time." 

The project will eliminate all duplicate street names of the municipalities involved in the project. 

The Public Safety Committee said there have been times when emergency officials respond to a call and get the address mixed up. 

"If you can't get an emergency service to the right location at the right time, that could be the difference between life and death," McEwen said. 

Local first responders said time is of the essence when responding to emergencies. 

"It's important because time is tissue, in a cardiac event we need the right address," Wausau Firefighter, Marlon Marks said.  "If we have the right address it's going to save us time getting to your house. It's important that we get you to the hospital as soon as possible. On a fire scene, a fire doubles in size every minute so if we can lessen our response time to get to the emergency it helps."

While the project isn't cheap, officials said the timing is important because Marathon Co. dispatch software needed to be replaced. 

"The timing of it was important because the software that Marathon County Sheriff's Department used for dispatching, they were going to have to update their service which was well over a million dollars," McEwen said. 

The signs will begin to show up starting as early as April. County officials hope to have the project complete by fall. 

Marathon County provides emergency services for all 62 cities, villages, and towns within the county. 

The municipalities participating in the project are: Bergen, Berlin, Bern, Bevent, Brighton, Cassel, Cleveland, Day, Easton, Eau Pleine, Elderon (town), Elderon (village), Emmet, Frankfort, Franzen, Green Valley, Guenther, Halsey, Hamburg, Harrison, Hewitt, Holton, Hull, Johnson, Knowlton, Marathon, McMillan, Mosinee (town), Norrie, Plover, Reid, Rib Falls, Rietbrock, Ringle, Spencer (town), Stettin, Stratford (village) Texas, Wausau (town), Weston (town), Wien.

Those not participating in the project are: Abbotsford, Athens, Birnamwood, Brokaw, Colby, Dorchester, Edgar, Fenwood, Hatley, Kronenwetter, Maine, Marathon City, Marshfield, Mosinee (city), Rib Mountain*, Rothschild, Schofield, Spencer, Unity, Wausau (city), Weston (village).

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