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Boyfriend helps save Wisconsin woman who had cardiac arrest


MIDDLETON (WKOW ) -- It was a routine drive for Jake Suter and Keidryn Nimsgern as they returned from visiting family. Then, Keidryn went into cardiac arrest. What would happen next was crucial to saving Keidryn's life, all at the hands of Jake and complete strangers.  

"It was May 13th, this past spring, 2017," said Jake. 

It was an ordinary day but one the Oregon couple would soon never forget.  

"We were passing Capital Ice Arena," Jake explained. "We were talking, having a normal conversation and she grabbed my arm and said, 'Jake I'm going to pass out.'"

It's something no one ever wants to see happen to their loved one. 

"Her eyes rolled back in her head and it was pretty scary stuff," said Jake as he remembered that day. 

It happened on the intersection of Pleasant View Road and Fairway Place in Middleton. Jake quickly pulled over and called 9-1-1 after Keidryn wasn't budging.  

"They told me to lean her, get her all the way back or get her out of the car so I reclined the passenger seat all the way and then I put the phone on the dash on speaker phone and they just talked me through it," Jake explained. 

It was a crucial key to saving Keidryn's life until first responders could arrive to help out. 

"If that dispatcher hadn't done that, it would be a completely different story I think," Jake said.

Right now, the American Heart Association is now working with lawmakers in Wisconsin to get a bill passed that would require all 9-1-1 dispatchers to be trained and able to give this life-saving coaching over the phone. The bill passed in the Assembly Public Safety Committee in November and is awaiting a full assembly vote right now. 

It was the training the couple is thankful the operator had during their emergency. 

Minutes after first administering chest compressions, a team of Middleton first responders arrived to relieve Jake. They shocked her six to seven times as Jake couldn't help but have flashbacks of his Uncle Bob Suter, the former professional hockey player, tragically dying from a heart attack. 

"I said a little prayer to him while they were giving her shocks and I think he came and helped us out a little bit," said Jake.

"The next thing I remember is waking up at the ICU," said Keidryn. 

She went through months of rehab, depression, and then had a surgery that installed a permanent defibrillator in her side. 

"Thank God I'm alive right now," she said.

Her heart is 100 percent healthy.  It beats strong and it especially beat strong and rapidly on a December day that would be memorable in a different way.

"I was like shut up, this isn't real. Cause I was so clueless," said Keidryn smiling. 

Jake proposed to Keidryn while they were on a beach on Florida over the holiday. He could barely get the question out before Keidryn started screaming in excitement, asking if he was joking. He said he wasn't, and she said yes.

'I can't even say how lucky I am, I'm just so blessed that I'm here and that I get to spend this life with Jake and my family and friends," she said.

A couple that will forever be scarred with a memory as both their hearts soon become one.

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