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Wausau crossing guard looks back at 34 years on the job


Rain or shine, people rely on crossing guards every day to get kids safely across the street. Jan. 22 marked crossing guard appreciation week.

Emily Zimmerman, a Wausau crossing guard, has been doing the job for 34 years.

"It's wonderful, working with the kids, if you like kids this is a good job," said Zimmerman. "I know my kids, I know just about what time they come, and when I don't see them then I start to wonder."

Every morning and afternoon Zimmerman grabs her yellow vest and stop sign to head to 3rd Ave. and West.

"My stop, it's not a lot of kids but it's very busy, traffic is very heavy," said Zimmerman.

In her years she said no child has ever gotten hurt, but she has had some close calls.

"This boy that I pulled off his bike because his brakes gave out," said Zimmerman. "He would have went in the middle of the street."

For Zimmerman, safety of the kids is always top priority.

"I'm here to protect them," said Zimmerman. "You're looking out for the child before yourself."

Area police departments have been showing their gratitude for crossing guards all week on Facebook.

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