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UPDATE: Another Marshfield woman speaks out about home health care company


Another Marshfield resident is speaking out against Helping Hands of Central Wisconsin after she said service was so bad she had to get rid of them.

This comes 10 days after a Newsline 9 exclusive story as we sat down with a mother of a child with down syndrome and autism got off the school bus and was left home alone, for several hours, after her Helping Hands caregiver never showed up.

"It makes me sick," Kathleen Zimmel, the mother said. "I had a call from, I don't know if it's the owner or the manager, I'm not sure what her title is, had reached out to me and she had heard I wanted to speak to her but that was it. Nothing more."

"They have traumatized my daughter," Zimmel said. "They've traumatized her, she's not the same Emma."

And now, another woman scarred by the same company said she dealt with situations no one deserves to experience.

"It was bologna sandwiches, nothing hot to eat unless my husband brought me something hot to eat," Jo Broussard said.

Broussard was a client of Helping Hands for several years, she said she got rid of them nearly two years ago. 

"My husband would get me a big thing of tide pods, they'd be gone within two weeks," Broussard said. "They would steal my drugs."

Broussard told Newsline 9 there was a case in 2016 when a caregiver attempted to break into her house. 

The Marshfield Police Department said that case was resolved by the court system but the issue of caregivers stealing her prescription medication is now an open investigation.     

"These people take advantage of the elderly and disabled," Broussard said. 

Two woman who say Helping Hands of Central Wisconsin is taking advantage and leaving loved ones, like Emma, very scared. 

"It's been a lot of reassuring her, like it's okay, I promise you someone is going to be here," Zimmel said. "This isn't fair. This wasn't supposed to happen. These companies need to start hiring people that you can count on." 

When Newsline 9 first covered Emma's story, the Helping Hands owner did not want to comment on the situation. We reached out to the company again, ahead of this story and our calls have not been immediately returned. 

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