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Controversy continues as police and DNR investigate Lake Wausau party


Controversy sparked late January on social media after a video was posted showing the messy aftermath of a party on the lake in Wausau.

A resident near Lake Wausau shared a video showing garbage, wood pallets, and other debris all over the ice. It comes after hundreds of people went to a party.

"We feel bad because we didn't mean to make this big of a ruckus and disturb people this much," said Ben Maszk, one of the people who planned the party.

The group of boys said they planned a party with a fire out on the ice Friday night, and came to clean up the mess the next morning. However, the video was posted before they even got there to clean.

"We live and work here, this our hometown, so our intention is to keep it clean and have fun out on the ice," Maszk said.

The boys said they've had parties on the ice before and always cleaned up afterward.

Captain Rob Dickerson from the Everest Metro Police Department said they received several calls complaining about the noise and the blocked roads on Friday.

"Suspicious vehicles, people driving snowmobiles onto their property," said Dickerson.

He said this isn't the first time the group has been in trouble for a party. Officers did issue several tickets to people under the age of 21 for drinking.

Dickerson said officers did not go out on the ice by the party because they didn't think it was safe. Now they're planning to work with the Department of Natural Resources to patrol the ice.

Both departments will continue to investigate the situation throughout the week. 

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