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SPECIAL REPORT: Devices and Development


It's 2018. Tablets and smartphones permeate our culture. They're at school, at home, in the workplace. 

And as this movement continues, the devices land in the hands of younger and younger children.

With kids upping their screen time, doctors, educators and parents say - it's all about balance. 

"The technology is really just one took we use," said Casey Nye, the Director of Innovation and Secondary Education for the D.C. Everest School District. "We want kids to be able to look people in the eyes, to have a conversation, to shake hands, I mean there's definitely really traditional values for them to be successful they have to do."

At most Central Wisconsin schools, each student has a tablet. 

"With my oldest, her homework is on her iPad," said Stephany Tatro, a mother in Kronnenwetter. "They don't even have textbooks anymore."

Her three children have either iPhones or iPads, which seems to be the standard for today's household. 

"I do a lot on my iPad," said 7-year-old Emmersyn. 

But the Tatro parents embrace the technology. 

"Not letting them use them [would] be setting them back, because by the time they're actually in the work environment, who knows what the technology is going to be," said Stephany's husband Eric. 

And Eric and Stephany have no problem ditching the devices. 

"They get kind of restless if they're on it too much," said Eric. "If they're on it too much, I'm like we have got to get outside and do something."

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