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SPECIAL REPORT: Tapping the scales


It seems technology has found its way into just about every part of human lives.

For those who use weight loss apps, the modern programs can have a big impact on physical health.

"Any time a person is looking to track or be aware of what they're doing, I think it's a positive thing, because what you track usually improves," Dr. Justin Scharer, the owner of Wausau Weight Loss, said.

There are countless programs ranging from free to pricey. Some options include "My Diet Coach," and "Weight Loss Workout for Women." They provide programs and calorie counters to help customers stay on track of fitness plans. "Happy Scale" shows users how far they've come in their weight loss journeys.

Scharer says, programs can be helpful, but they can't take the place of professionals.

"Having the guidance and the accountability is important," Scharer said.

Steve Schreiner, a personal trainer in Wausau, created an app that allows users to track their progress while being coached by a professional.

Schreiner creates custom workouts for his clients on Apex Fitness Mobile Trainer.

"Steve is a big part of me being successful with maintaining a weight and maintaining a strength, because he maintains that accountability that makes me get to the gym," James Meaden of Kronenwetter said. He has been using Apex Fitness Mobile Trainer on and off for two to three years.

If Meaden skips, Schreiner will know. He communicates with his clients and checks in on their progress.

The monitoring holds Schreiner's clients accountable.

"As I workout I can fill out the information of how many reps I did, what weight I did, and then it stores that data," Meaden said.

However, Scharer recognizes, for some people, data input might be a a drawback.

"If a person is focusing too much on it, it'll actually hinter their weight loss," Scharer says.

He says it's important to keep an eye on diet.

"I'm not a big fan of counting calories, because I think weight loss is more than just calories in and calories out," Scharer says.

Through his app, Schreiner sends out shopping lists, so his customers don't have to think about what foods will help them reach their goals.

Scharer says, skipping the store can be beneficial. He suggests using a grocery pickup or delivery service.

The Trig's to Go program has been up and running since October. Shoppers say, it takes the temptation out of a trip to Trig's.

"It's much healthier, you can not go through the goodie aisle when you don't need to," said Jodi Gruetzmacher, a Trig's to Go customer.

Trig's to Go pickup is free. Delivery starts at $4.99.

Apex Fitness Mobile Trainer is $95 a month.

Be sure to tune in Monday at 10 p.m. to hear why Meaden says his weight loss app has helped him to be more active with his children.

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