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Wausau East High School brings its history into the digital age


Wausau East High School has started a project allowing the community to access previous yearbooks online. 

The school has editions a century old, so with the time passed, pages are falling apart. 

"Wausau East has such a rich and varied history that's portrayed through yearbooks and I wanted to make sure that was preserved for not only the past generations and the current generations but the future generations," Wausau East Librarian, Paula Hase said. 

Yearbook students said it's exciting to be a part of a lasting tradition. 

"It's easy to just like a couple clicks on the mouse and you're able to be like oh this is what I looked like when I was 18 or your age or something like that,"  current Senior, Sarah Heinrich said. 

Hase said the project is unique, as only a few schools in Wisconsin have done it. 

"A person just recently had a house fire in California and they lost their yearbooks, another staff member said their mom lost theirs to water damage and so there's ways that they can now access their memories that they didn't necessarily have access to," Hase said. 

"For the kids who just might have forgotten to purchase it or something it's easier access for them as well," current Senior, Adrienne Burton said. 

The yearbook class is busy the entire school year, working on this year's edition. 

"Knowing in the future that we'll get to look at our yearbooks and say hey this is what we did, we did this work, is what's really cool about it and just looking back at all the memories we had," current Senior, Taylor Novak said. 

Heinrich even came across her mother, who graduated from East in 1988, when going through digitized yearbooks on the school's website.

So who went through page by page to put the memories online? The school sent the yearbooks to an Oklahoma correctional facility where inmates made the pages digital.

With the yearbooks becoming digitized, current students will be able to reminisce with their kids, later down the road. 

The school is currently archived up to 1989 online. 

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