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Woman held by gunman: ‘I thought I was going to die’


A mother of six thought she was going to die and a made a dramatic move to get away from the man holding her at gunpoint.

Dawn Baker of Green Bay spoke exclusively to WBAY-TV about what she did that blocked traffic and locked down three Green Bay schools.

17-year-old Dylan Wilber now faces counts of attempted armed robbery and burglary in that incident. Investigators say Dylan Wilber accused Dawn Baker's son of selling him questionable marijuana product called “dabs,” so he decided to rob the Baker family's home.

The stay-at-home mom forgot to lock her back door after running a 20-minute errand Monday and walked in to find her house "ransacked,” said Baker. “He had everything knocked over, drawers pulled out, and he came around the corner with a gun. And he's like, 'I want my money, your son ripped me off.' He had the gun to my head by this back door here in the kitchen and told me not to move and not to do anything stupid."

Baker says Wilber kicked the door behind her shut, trapping her inside. Trying anything to get him out of her house, she offered to drive Wilber to the bank so she could give him cash.

He got into her car, taking with him— bags and pillowcases full of her family's electronics and Packers memorabilia. "He kept his gun out in his hand like facing towards me. It's very scary when someone's pointing at you,” said Baker.

Baker was about a mile into her terrifying drive when she says a miracle happened. She saw a Green Bay police squad and in a split-second, made a bold move.

"I just quick did a U-turn right in the middle of traffic. I didn't look behind me, to the side of me,” she said.

She barely got her car into park before running to the cop. "I'm like, 'he has a gun! He's gonna shoot me! He has a gun!' Guys in a pickup truck behind the police officer got out and started chasing the suspect. Two random guys. He could've turned around and shot them. And it was just a crazy scene,” said Baker.

Wilber ran, threw his gun in someone's yard, hiding inside a boat nearby. Three Green Bay schools were locked down as a precaution while police tried to find him. He was arrested the next day.

“That's just amazing how fast they worked to protect the safety of everyone in our community,” said Baker. “[Wilber] needs to be rehabilitated. I think people like that are a danger to society because I didn't get killed, but next time someone will get killed."

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