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Swing dance scene draws crowds of all ages in central Wisconsin


The Swing City Dance Band is composed of musicians from the central Wisconsin area. Tuesday evening they opened the show with the upbeat standard "Kansas City" at Elks Lodge in Wausau. 

A crowd of old and young faces took to the dance floor.

"I decided to come and visit last month for one of the performances," said Jeff Schram, a former trumpet player in the band. "But I was astonished to see 15 to 20 teenagers. It was like 'wow, wait a minute, this doesn't compute!' We're playing 30's to 50's jazz, generally speaking, and all these teenagers here, and some of them are dancing."

"It's a lot of fun," said teenager Silas Mahner, who routinely attends the Swing City Dance Band shows. "I make sure that my work schedule never interrupts this, especially. This is only during the winter months of course, but still I just love it so much."

Band Director Brian Seehafer agreed, saying that most nights are fun.

"It's good dance music," said Seehafer. "We kind of kill two birds with one stone and get the guys a chance to play and get some dancers a nice chance for some good dance music."

"There's so many young people who are just at home playing video games when they could be out doing something like this," said Mahner. "And this is so much more fun. Good exercise, you get to meet great people, and it's just a great thing to learn."

The band plays the first Tuesday of each month, September through May, at the Elks Lodge. It was formed around 20 years ago. Tuesday night, the group left an empty chair for the pianist who passed away in January.

The shows are free and open to the public.

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