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Black History Month: Oprah remains legacy at Wisconsin high school


Long before she became a household name, Oprah Winfrey called Milwaukee home.

She attended Nicolet High School in the 1960s, where her legacy remains.

"She actually came here in 1968. She was one of the first group of African-Americans that integrated Nicolet High School," Nicolet High School U.S. history teacher and Nicolet alumna Jamie Holifield said.

Winfrey attended Nicolet during a time of racial upheaval in Milwaukee.

"You kind of think about the civil rights history at that time, so you had the Fair Housing Act that was just enacted, so kind of a lot of things going on around that time," Holifield said.

Even though Winfrey finished high school in Tennessee, her legacy still inspires some Nicolet students and alumni.

"It just goes to show you where, especially, those who have a minority background or those who may not be a majority, have the potential to reach those goals that some of the other groups of kids that go here as well," Holifield said.

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