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'Thank God you were a bad shot': man sentenced for Bonnie and Clyde crimes


A Marinette County man who has been ordered to spend 26 years in prison for a "Bonnie and Clyde" crime spree that involved stealing an ATM, leading police on a high speed chase, firing on a squad car, and triggering a manhunt through the woods.

Chad Setunsky, 28, appeared in Marinette County Thursday for a sentencing hearing on 41 charges related to the dramatic events of April 2017.

Setunksy addressed the victims, saying he had hit "rock bottom" and expressed regret.

"I realize that it's not just me affected by the crimes I do. The police officer was shooken [sic] up and I feel bad about that," Setunksy said. "I'm not a bad person. I've just made bad choices."

Judge James Morrison spared no verbal mercy during the hearing.

"A bad choice is Supersizing your french fries at McDonald's," the judge said.

Judge Morrison said people who disturb the peace in Marinette County should know there is "hell to pay."

"With all due respect to all your crimes, shooting a gun at a police officer during a high speed chase is insane," the judge told Setunsky.

"Thank God you were a bad shot," Judge Morrison said.

During the hearing, District Attorney DeShea Moore described Setunksy as a serial burglar who has spent much of his adult life in the prison system.

In addition to prison, Judge Morrison ordered Setunsky to get a GED and a full time job.

"Did you ever think about that four-letter word 'work' or the three letter word 'job'?

Setunsky's partner in the crime spree, Ashley Niewierowski, was sentenced to six years in prison during a hearing last September.

The defense admitted that Niewierowski would likely not have been involved in these crimes if not for Setunsky.

This all started when Setunsky and Niewierowski stole an ATM from Corner Convenience gas station in the town of Stephenson. They took off in a pickup truck, leading police on a high speed chase.

Setunksy shot at an officer's squad car.

The truck crashed into an electrical pole and the duo ran off.

A multi-department manhunt ensued. Police searched Twin Bridge Park area and closed surrounding roads.

Niewierowski was located about 24-hours later. Setunsky was taken into custody a few hours after Niewierowski's arrest.

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