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New bill regulating Amish horseshoe spikes could save tax dollars


Highway officials say spiked horseshoes used by the Amish community are damaging Wisconsin roads.The spikes make it easier for horses pulling the buggies to gain traction.

Representative Kathy Bernier introduced a bill regulating spiked horseshoe use during summer months. It does not ban them completely but limits the size. 

"We have an opportunity to let them know that between April and October you cannot have significant traction devices on the horseshoe," Bernier said.

The Taylor County Highway Commissioner, Jess Sackman says the Amish community have been cooperative.

"They understand because they have to live on these roads also. They know that if they damage them, they are ultimately the ones who have to look at it all the time," Sackman said. 

The bill would also include a $25 fine for second-time offenders, but officials say it isn't enough.

According to Sackman, the cost to repave the the roads in Taylor County would cost around $190,000 per mile.

The bill still has to be voted on in both the state assembly and senate. No date has been set. 

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