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New series to serve as counterpoint to 'Making a Murderer'

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CLEVELAND (WISN) -- The documentary "Making a Murderer" took the airwaves by storm, but it also generated criticism that it favored convicted killers Steven Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey.

Now, there's a new series in the works.

"This is 100 percent objective. It's not an infomercial. If it were, it would be lousy TV," said Cleveland-based director Shawn Rech.

Rech said he will detail the murder of freelance photographer Teresa Halbach and the convictions of Avery and Dassey. But unlike "Making A Murderer," he's secured the participation of the prosecution team.

"I think what we want to do is go through a lot of the allegations that were made or implied, and ask law enforcement, 'What's your answer to this? What do you have to say to this?'" Rech said.

Prosecutor Ken Kratz has signed on. In a statement, he told WISN 12 News, "Wisconsin law enforcement, if depicted at all, it was to blatantly accuse them of everything from planting evidence to murdering Ms. Halbach themselves. Finally it looks like the truth will come out."

The director calls his series "Convicting a Murderer" and said it will also address the international backlash the prosecution faced after "Making a Murderer" aired.

"Kind of our background story that we'll weave: What happens when the court of public opinion finds you guilty, and you're instantly hated by millions of people?" Rech said.

Rech said he will also invite the Avery, Dassey and Halbach families to participate, although he's unsure if they will.

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