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Kids enter discussion on gun control


The tragedy in Parkland, Fla. clearly struck a chord across the country. It also reinvigorated the gun control debate. 

This time around, the main voices in that discussion are younger than usual. 

Teen-run protests rang across Florida, with hundreds calling for stricter gun laws.

That conversation has reached their counterparts here in Central Wisconsin. 

"I think gun control is touchy, " said Fineas Saris, an 8th grader at D.C. Everest. "It's obviously very hard to change. You have two very differing sides."

Meanwhile, according to Kids Voting USA - Marathon County, gun control is high on young people's priority list.

"The idea of gun control and gun rights has bubbled up in the top five of the topics they're most interested in," said Chris Clark-Epstein, who is on the board for the voting-survey organization.

While middle and high school students may not be old enough to vote, they're trying to address to problem - and hoping to find an answer.

"The things that people say on the internet [concern me]," said Amber Weinkauf, a 9th grader at D.C. Everest. "People will like be joking about maybe a school shooter or something, but it's not something to joke about."

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