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Thousands gather for annual gun show despite recent gun law controversies


Despite renewed controversies surrounding fire arms, the 50th annual Wausau Gun Show brought out thousands of local gun enthusiasts. 

"A lot of people share the same passion,we are all outdoor enthusiasts,and that goes from avid hunters,shooters or even to collectable material,"said Andrew Schliepp president of the North Central Wisconsin Gun Association. 

When asked about opinions on stricter gun laws, "It's not gun control its people control," said Fred Yulga, an organizer for the event.  "They are mishandling and misusing the fire arm, we have to remember that there are very few of them that are doing it."

He thinks there is only one thing that can be done to create a safer space. 

"Gun legislation isn't going to create safety, the safety is an educational thing not a political thing,"said Yulga.

One of the show's vendors was an Air Force veteran. To him,. firearms are collector's items.

"Most of the kids my age at that time had many souvenirs but they outgrew it, I never did," said Donald G. Smith.

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