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Things you need to know about drones


We've all seen them in the sky, floating effortlessly overhead, providing video in places, only helicopters and airplanes could capture. But like driving, there are rules of the road.

"You need to have visual line of sight. You always need to see the drone. I can't fly-it so far out, that I can't see it", says Newsline 9 drone pilot Jason Mechelke.

 Drones can legally fly at an altitude of 400-feet and non-commercial pilots who are flying within 5-miles of an airport, must call that airport for clearance.

"We're up about 180-feet at this point. And that's the kind of view you get." Mechelke said.

Now if you think you're going to go out to the store or pick-up one of these drones on-line, take it out of the box and go flying, you've got another thing coming.

The Federal Aviation Administration regulates drones and penalties for unregistered users can be severe. With civil penalties up to $27,000 and criminal penalties of up to $250,000 and/or up to 3-years in prison.

So if you want to take flight, make sure you get licensed & registered, to insure a safe landing.

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